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Applications with an attached Camp Master receipt showing fees have been paid, plus, all completed forms completed should be turned in as soon as possible after open registration starts in January.  The course has limited spaces (see the registration thermometer on the right), so apply early.  Incomplete forms will be returned; registration is confirmed when all forms are submitted.


Send complete registration packet by postal mail to the Course Registrar  (Contact - Registrar)

  • National Medical Form ABC
  • Copy of health insurance card - both sides
  • Participant Application
  • Code of Conduct
  • Additional medical permission forms
  • Venturing Youth Protection certificate (Venturing over 18 years old)
  • Camp-Master payment receipt

Use or set up a profile on Camp-Master and pay your fees.  Copy the receipt and attach to your registration application as proof of purchase. Submit with all your forms to the NYLT Registrer:


Please submit your application packet as soon as possible, no partial packets are excepted.

Medical forms parts A & B are due with the application, including, Code of Honor and special medication permission forms, with attached receipt to verify payment.  Reminder, Camp Master for payments; mail in forms to the Course Registrar.  You will find the address on application form and here.

Deadline for medical form part C is June 1.   In order to accommodate so many annual physical dates and still have medical staff and supplies ready on course in time,  medical form C, known as the doctor's physical, needs to be submitted to Course Administrator no later than June 1.  This is the only exception, all other forms need to be sent in as part of the packet  for registration.  Please make arrangements with your physician to meet the deadline.

Acceptance for completed registration is based upon ALL forms and fees submitted and approved by the deadlines listed.  Remember to type in your forms, illegible, as well as incomplete forms are returned  and registration is halted.

Why is there a deadline for medical form C, the physical?

We have medics, gear, volunteers and supplies to coordinate and have set up prior to being on-course for the safety of over 200 NYLT volunteers and participants. We appreciate your understanding.

What happens if I don’t turn in my medical form C by June 1?

Participants who have not turned in their physical by June 1st, their registration will be considered incomplete, their application will be withdrawn and they will be placed on a waitlist until their forms are submitted and approved for completeness.  Wait list priority is first listed first served.

Youth will not be registered to participate in the course until the form(s) are submitted and reviewed for completion.  No spaces will be held for incomplete/illegible paperwork and the space may be taken by applicants with completed paperwork that are on the waitlist. Your fees will be refunded without penalty.  



If you are coming as a troop or crew with individual registrations you do not need a Tour Plan.  If you decide this is a troop or crew event, then your troop or crew is responsible for submitting a BSA Local Tour Plan to Council via for the NYLT course.  Please coordinate with your local Troop Committee to submit the Tour Plan by June 1.


The administrators review all the forms for completeness, legibility, confirmed payment, birthdate, age and rank, scoutmaster approval.  Our volunteers process them as soon as they can, usually around 10 days you will receive a Welcome Letter or your forms returned if they are incomplete.

Applications is the Orange County Council camp registration system.


Please read your forms applications.  NYLT website is for the forms and Camp-Master collects your fees.  You must attached a copy of your payment for fees to your registration form and submit to NYLT Administrator.


You need the permission of the NYLT Administrator and there will be a $50.00 administrative fee for making the transfers.  The replacement must submit all paperwork and pay fees within 72  hours to finalize the process.


As listed on your application, there is a $50.00 administrative fee for cancellations on or before June 6th, 2015.  There are no refunds for cancellations after June 7th.  We have already paid fees and made deposits by then to our vendors and Lost Valley.