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Please complete Medical form Parts A and B and submit at least those with the application and payment. Pay special attention to the permission to carry over the counter (OTC) medications on Part B.

The deadline for all Medical form C is June 1st. Participants without complete medical forms will be placed on a waitlist. 


The Part C of the medical form is valid for 1 year from the physical. It must be dated by the doctor after the last day of the current year’s course.  Example, if the current year course ends 7/1/2016, then your physical must be dated after 7/1/2015 to be valid through that date.


National requires all BSA events to have medical forms submitted for the care and safety of participants, manage emergencies (individual or camp), have medical information for those emergencies or special needs.  We are often in remote sites and we need a medical staff and facility access to help participants and staff.


Yes, please disclose everything so the camp medic and leaders can make the best decisions for your youth’s care in case something happens. Lost Valley is a very remote camp and the nearest hospital is 30 miles and 1.5 hours away. We have had cases where a previous condition (such as a surgery as an infant), has led to requiring a helicopter evacuation to San Diego due to the strenuous nature of the program.


We could not read them - illegible or incomplete fill in, wrong year on medical forms, scoutmaster signature missing and failure to list all immunizations on the medical form are the most common errors.

Please do not attach you immunization records – we will not fill them in for you, they get lost and medics can’t find them quick enough in a medical emergency.

We do not process or hold a space for incomplete forms, even if fees are paid. Forms are returned via mail.  


No. Every year forms are updated and they must be the current version. Laws and National rules evolve every year for compliance.  Please use the current forms on the website.