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Congratulations to the 
NYLT Graduates

We hope your youth leaders had a terrific 
experience and will bring their new skills in
planning leadership, 
communication, and 
team building to bear at home,
community, school, and their units.

What's Next for Participants?

Summer is a great time to complete a lot of your
NYLT Challenge Notebook
See our Post Course pages for helps.

Did you sign up for staff? Watch these pages
in November for info on staff interviews.

NYLT 2017 Reunion is in February 2018.
Watch the Calendar page for details.


Feedback is a gift. 

Drop us a line with your comments
on the course on our
Feedback page 
or participate in
post-course survey


We're working on simplifying this process. Please check for updates by SD1.
First visit the Staff Uniform Order page at
Save or print (2 copies of) the resulting PDF order detail file.
Camp-master does not provide an order detail at the moment.
To complete your order and payment, please do the following
  1. visit the NYLT Staff Uniform payment center at: 
    or search for: 2016 NYLT Uniform Payment
  2. Save and print the proof of payment receipt and turn in by SD2 to Mrs. Zedek.
    The email receipt will be 
    From: Tracy Au <>
    Subject: Orange County Council Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation
Please contact the NYLT Course Administrator  if you have any questions about your order.
You can view your order by logging into the NYLT web site with your email address. Please use password recovery to get a password to log in the first time. On your My Account page should be a tab with Orders.

Unlike summer camp, the NYLT course is a tightly scheduled series of lessons and activities that requires full patrol participation. Causal visiting is discouraged and must be coordinated with the adult course director.  

On the other hand you can volunteer to be an on-course staff member for the week, or even a few days, to help out with set-up, clean-up, and guest speaker presentations. Please see the Adult Volunteer Staff page for more info.

Tip: Staffing NYLT makes for a great Wood Badge ticket goal.


I want to help but I don’t have a week off or can spend weekends as a staff member?

We welcome all forms of help. Please check the Adult Volunteer Staffing for information on volunteer opportunities or contact the Course Administrator or Course Directors.

We have a list of one-time opportunities or simple projects.  We need you and the youth love seeing their role models there! 

Tip: Staffing NYLT makes for a great Wood Badge ticket goal. Ask our Adult Course Directory how.


Our adult staff come from interested parents and leaders like yourselves who dedicate several weekends of staff development training and a full or partial week at camp.  Most of our adult staff are Wood Badge trained but this is not required. Many of the staff do this each year, with the longest few being over 7 years running. There are many positions and roles available in camp such as scoutmasters, quartermasters, and nurse/medic as well as beforehand handling administrative tasks. Please contact the course director to see how you can help. There is more information about the current course needs and position descriptions on the Adult Volunteer Staffing page.


At the end of each course, the participants are encouraged to sign up for staffing the following year.  Participants are invited to be on staff after they have graduated from the course and completed NYLT Challenge logbook. Staff interviews begin in December. The youth staff leaders make the staff role assignments usually by April. Staff youth positions range from the youth course director (usually takes about 5 years of consecutive participation to earn this), to troop guides, quartermasters, scribe, historian, chaplain’s aide, webmaster, etc.