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2019 NYLT Course Registration is now Open!!

Please request a participant package by emailing or

Pre-Course Maditory Meeting: June 1st

(1211 E Dyer Rd, Santa Ana, CA 92705)

Course Dates: June 17-22

(Lost Valley Scout Camp)

The 2018 NYLT Post Course Challenge Celebration

will take place on April 18, Thursday at 7:00pm.

Where: Orange County Council Office

(1211 E Dyer Rd, Santa Ana, CA 92705)


Category: General
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Where is the calendar of dates?

The NYLT web site is an excellent reference for participants, for this and other information please vist:

For staff, please use this one:   

Be certain to check “Updates, Be Prepared” for changes before event dates.

Where do I find out what is going on?

On the NYLT website is “Updates, Be prepared”  It will tell you any changes to what is scheduled and what to bring to the event. The second location is next to the schedule of dates which has a brief description of what to bring. The third location is the calendar which will link to event details.

If I have a question, where do I go?

The contact page on the NYLT website first for information and updates. Also, there is a list of staff members to contact.

I need directions to…..

Keep checking the FAQs on the website. It is all there: Temecula Parking lot and Lost Valley Pick-up and Ceremony.


Category: Applications
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When are applications due?

Once registration opens in January, all forms should be completed and mailed to the course registrar. The course has limited spaces, so apply early.  Incomplete forms will be returned. Registration is confirmed when all forms are deemed complete and fees are paid.

When are the physicals due?

Medical forms parts A & B are due to the Course Registrar with your application.

The deadline for Medical Form Part C (the doctor's physical) is June 1. This form must be mailed (NOT emailed) to the Course Registrar. Please make arrangements with your physician to meet the deadline.

Why is there a deadline for medical form C?

We must properly prepare for the safety of over 200 NYLT volunteers and participants. We appreciate your understanding.

What happens if I don’t turn in my medical form C by June 1?

Participants who have not turned in their physical by June 1st will be placed on a waitlist until their forms are submitted and approved for completeness.  Wait list priority is first listed, first served.

Youth will not be registered to participate in the course until the form(s) are submitted and reviewed for completion. The space may be taken by applicants with completed paperwork that are on the waitlist. Your fees will be refunded less a $50 processing fee.  


If we need to cancel, can the course fee be refunded?

As listed on your application, there is a $50.00 administrative fee for cancellations on or before June 1st, 2018.  There are no refunds for cancellations after June 1st.  We have already paid fees and made deposits by then to our vendors and Lost Valley.

What if I need to cancel and I can find a replacement?

You need permission from the NYLT Administrator. You will be charged a $50.00 administrative fee for making the transfers.  The replacement must submit all paperwork and pay fees within 72 hours to finalize the process.

Whom do I pay?

After your forms are approved, you will be asked to pay through the Camp-Master system.



How do I pay?

After your forms are approved, you will access the Camp-Master website and pay your fees.  

What is Camp-Master? is the Orange County Council camp registration system.

We are coming as a troop or crew, do we need to complete BSA Local Tour Plan?

If you are coming as a troop or crew with individual registrations you do not need a Tour Plan.  If you decide this is a troop or crew event, then your troop or crew is responsible for submitting a BSA Local Tour Plan to Council via for the NYLT course.  Please coordinate with your local Troop Committee to submit the Tour Plan by June 1.

What paperwork do I need to turn in?

Send complete registration packet by postal mail to the Course Registrar  (Contact - Registrar)

  • National Medical Form ABC
  • Copy of health insurance card - both sides
  • Participant Application
  • Code of Conduct
  • Additional medication permission forms
  • Venturing Youth Protection certificate (if a Venturer over 18 years old)
What does it take to be accepted and how will I know?

The administrators review all the forms for completeness, legibility, confirmed payment, birthdate, age and rank, scoutmaster approval.  Our volunteers process them as soon as they can, usually around 10 days you will receive a Welcome Letter or your forms returned if they are incomplete.

Category: Donations
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How do I get a receipt for cash donations?

Please contact Course Administrator.

Where do I deliver donations?

Cash donations may be given to the Program Donations contact.  Physical items from our donation list are to be brought to Lost Valley as you deliver your Scouts and Venturers. We appreciate your help with bringing the donations to the Valley since we do not have a transport truck or storage area.  Please let the Donation contact know what you are bringing by completing the form and or sending a email so we can eliminate duplicates.

Where can I bring donations?

Donations can be brought to Lost Valley or to the Temecula check-in. Cash donations are welcome any time.

Category: Medical
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When are medical forms due?

Submit Medical Form Parts A and B with your application. If possible, submit Part C as well. Final deadline for Part C is June 1. Participants without Part C by June 1st will be moved to the waitlist.

Pay special attention to the checkbox and signature block for permission to administer over the counter (OTC) medications on Part B.


Can I use last years physical?

Medical Form Part C is valid for 1 year from the date of the physical. It must be valid through the last day of the current year's course.  For example, if the course ends July 1, 2016 (current year), your valid physical MUST be dated July 2, 2015 (prior year) or later.

I have last year’s forms - can I just copy and submit?

No! Forms are updated annually. Thank you for using current forms.



Why were my forms returned?

Forms can be returned for many reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Illegible forms
  • Incomplete forms 
  • Missing forms
  • Missing signatures
  • Expired medical forms

Please see the letter included with your returned forms for specific information.

Forms are returned via mail. 

We do not process or hold a space for incomplete forms.  

Do we need to disclose a condition that occurred years ago but has not been a problem?

Yes, please disclose everything so the Camp Medic and NYLT staff can make the best decision for your youth’s care in the case of an emergency. Medical history is an important factor in emergency medical care.

Lost Valley is very remote. The nearest hospital is approximately 1.5 hours away. We have had serious cases where a previous condition (that go back as far as infancy), has led to helicopter evacuation. 

Why do I need to fill out all the medical forms?

National BSA requires participants at all BSA events to submit medical forms for their care and safety and for medical staff to manage emergencies (individual or camp) and have medical information for those emergencies or special needs.  



Category: Downhill
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Do I have to go to the Mandatory Downhill meeting.

Yes, it is mandatory.  Please see the Participant Calendar page for information on the date, time and location.

Your youth have a chance to meet the youth staff and other participants as they cover some essential skills and information such as how to safely operate the camp cooking equipment, NYLT pot and dish washing so everyone stays healthy, Code of Conduct, pack equipment check and more.  Scouts shoud wear their complete uniform including hat and bring their backpack with all the gear listed on the Equipment Checklist in the Registration Forms packet.

The parents attend a general information session while Scout/Venturer go off to start the process.  Acceptance includes being prepared for the remoteness of Lost Valley and the activities that occur.  Parents will have the opportunity to meet the adult leaders, ask questions and understand how to help their youth and unit after the course. Please have a look through all of the FAQ pages (frequently asked questions) on this site.

One parent, guardian, or the Scoutmaster must attend for minors.

The NYLT staff will be selling hiking staves, and taking pre-orders for the patrol camp photo and photo DVD.  Please bring material donations to the Temecula Check-In.


Category: Personal Equipment
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Why do we need plain white t-shirts?

This does two things:

  1. It avoids the issue of inappropriate t-shirts and
  2. It makes it very easy to distinguish NYLT participants from summer camp participants who usually wear troop t-shirts.

There are no laundry facilities available.

Do we need a Hiking pack?

Participants experience a 5 mile hike with about 1,000 ft of elevation change and an overnight campout as a backpacking trip. They will need to carry their jacket, sleeping back, ground tarp and pad, and a share of the patrol food and cooking utensils. A daypack is generally not of sufficient size and duffle bags are not well suited for backpacking.

Do we need a daypack?

Yes, to carry their study materials, pens, pencils, sunscreen, chapstick etc. to the sessions.

What are the 2 trash bags for?

Participants should have 2 trash bags to store their extra clothing and equipment in their tent at base camp so they don’t need to carry everything on the backpack trip.

Why do I need hiking shoes?

Hiking boots or shoes are an NYLT uniform requirement for all staff and participants.

The course requires walking/hiking on trails in hilly areas up to 5 miles. Tennis shoes, skate shoes, and other sneakers are not stiff enough to prevent injuries.  

What is the uniform?

The uniform for assemblies, breakfast and dinner meals is the Scout’s usual field uniform (aka Class A) including hat, shirt, shorts, belt and socks. NYLT neckerchiefs will be issued at camp.  Award medals and pocket hanger patches should be left at home. The uniform requires Scout shorts.  If long pants are needed for special situations, contact the Course Director for approval.

What is the activity uniform?

Shoes, socks, scout shorts, plain white t-shirts and a hat which provides protection from the sun.

Should we label the clothes and equipment?

YES. Label ALL clothes and equipment. Hats, water bottles, and mess kits are the most commonly lost items.

What type of bug sprays do I need to bring?

Generally a DEET based spray or cream is the most effective at repelling mosquitoes. Check if is the kind safe to use on skin, or only on clothes. Lost Valley is also rich in the white sage plant which is a traditional fragrant bug repellant used by the native Americans.  There are also ammonia or vinegar based “After The Bite” products that can ease the itching.

Category: Communications
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Can I send a care package or mail?

Postal mail service for Lost Valley requires you to send letters and packages a week or two before your camper leaves. If you must post mail, the camp mailing address is:

Schoepe Scout Reservation Lost Valley Business Office

Scout's Name ℅ NYLT

31422 Chihuahua Valley Rd.

Warner Springs, CA 92086

Your best option is to discretely pass letters or small packages to an NYLT staff member at Temecula for delivery. Mark the day of the course (Day 1, Day 2, etc) you would like it delivered.  Food/candy is NOT ALLOWED to be sent as it attracts mice, raccoons, and skunks into the tents.

How can I communicate with my youth?

Lost Valley is a remote campsite with no cell service and very limited email access. Please contact the NYLT Administrator ONLY if there is an emergency and they will make contact with staff at camp.

Category: Temecula
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What happens at the Temecula Parking Lot?

The Temecula check-in is the final confirmation for participant attendance, medical forms check, and backpack check to ensure the scout has all necessary equipment.

Check-in is held at Ralphs at 33145 Temecula Pkwy Temecula, CA 92592 (Cross streets Temecula Pkwy / Butterfield Stage Rd) Google Maps 

NO forms are collected here.  

If the pack check identifies missing items (according to the Personal Equipment Checklist in the registration materials),  several stores are nearby to purchase what is needed:

  • Ralphs (where we meet)

  • CVS (in the same parking lot)

  • Sports Authority (1.1 miles in the Vail Ranch Plaza on the left)

  • Walmart (1.3 miles on the left)

  • Home Depot (1.3 miles on the right)

Please see more FAQ here about getting to Lost Valley

It is highly recommended to leave this point with full tank of fuel. There is NO FUEL at Lost Valley or within at least 30 miles of camp. Also check tire pressure and all fluids.

Should we eat before we leave for Lost Valley from the Temecula parking lot?

YES. There are several quick eateries nearby. Upon arrival at Lost Valley, scouts will get a small snack and then dinner later that evening.  

Category: After the Course
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How do I get a DVD?

The suggested donation for a DVD is $15.00; prepaid cash is preferred before or after the course.  You may also pay at the NYLT Challenge Celebration ceremony the following February.

The content of the course DVD varies from year to year. Generally it contains up to 4.5 GB with over 1000 photos taken throughout the week by our youth and adult staff photographers, and may include video clips. Due to the size of the photo and video content, an online download is not available.

What is the Graduate Challenge

Congratulations on finishing the NYLT week of training.  The Graduate Challenge is an opportunity for you to bring what you've learned back to your unit and put it into practice by completing a series of tasks specifically dsigned for you to implement the NYLT course content. Complete this challenge by Dec 31 and be recognized at the Challenge Reunion in February. Completing the challenge also prepares you to be a part of NYLT staff.  Participants that complete the challenge are recognized with a certificate and a collectable NYLT coin.

Category: Transportation
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How do I get to Lost Valley?

Caution! Some GPS navigation systems may attempt to take you to Lost Valley via the Indian Reservation from the Warner Springs side. This road is not maintained, becomes unpassable and you will encounter a locked gate at the Scout Reservation property line. For your safety, please use the Chihuahua Valley Rd route. 

From the Ralphs parking lot, continue on Hyw 79 South past Butterfield Stage Rd for 23 miles.  You will probably lose cell phone service within 5 miles of here as you head into the hills.

Along the way you'll pass Vail Lake, Stagecoach Inn, Aguanga, a stop sign, County Line BBQ, Oak Grove and the historic Butterfield Stage station, an abandoned DVO biker bar, and just around the next bend, the turnoff to Chihuahua Valley Road and the Hawkwatch Winery.

Stay on Chihuahua Valley road for 6 miles. The first part is winding and has a hairpin turn, the latter part on the plateau is straight. Along the way you might see llamas, a camel, and a giant Buddah statue. When the road makes a sharp right, watch for oncoming traffic, but continue straight onto the dirt road which is to the right of the homes.

The dirt road should be about 2 lanes wide and resonably well maintained. You'll see a hippie camp within 1 mile and a few ranches. Watch for the Lost Valley Scout Law mileposts along the way and the Pacific Crest Trail crossing between miles 5 and 6. Watch for 2 way traffic - speed limit is 15 mph for 10 miles.

The GPS coordinates for the Lost Valley mailbox and start of the 10-mile dirt road are: 

Latitude Longitude
N 33 23.086 W 116 39.179

You may also use 31422 Chihuahua Valley Road Warner Springs, CA 92086

Please see the NYLT website maps page.

How do I get to the “Parking Lot”?

Please see the NYLT website maps page which has maps to all the interesting places related to NYLT. Find the map for Ralphs Temecula Parking Lot.

Do you organize car pools to Lost Valley?

Parents are responsible for organizing their scout's transportation to and from Lost Valley. 

NYLT staff does not organize car pools to Lost Valley.  Look to parents of other scouts in your home unit for possible carpool options. You may be able to contact other parents at the Mandatory Downhill meeting.

Category: Staffing
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Where do you find your youth staff?

At the end of each course, the participants are encouraged to sign up for staffing the following year.  Participants are invited to be on staff after they have graduated from the course and completed NYLT Challenge logbook. Staff interviews begin in December. The youth staff leaders make the staff role assignments usually by April. Staff youth positions range from the youth course director (usually takes about 5 years of consecutive participation to earn this), to troop guides, quartermasters, scribe, historian, chaplain’s aide, webmaster, etc.

Where do you find your adult staff?

Our adult staff come from interested parents and leaders like yourselves who dedicate several weekends of staff development training and a full or partial week at camp.  Most of our adult staff are Wood Badge trained but this is not required. Many of the staff do this each year, with the longest few being over 7 years running. There are many positions and roles available in camp such as scoutmasters, quartermasters, and nurse/medic as well as beforehand handling administrative tasks. Please contact the course director to see how you can help. There is more information about the current course needs and position descriptions on the Adult Volunteer Staffing page.

Parent, Adult, Volunteering

I want to help but I don’t have a week off or can spend weekends as a staff member?

We welcome all forms of help. Please check the Adult Volunteer Staffing for information on volunteer opportunities or contact the Course Administrator or Course Directors.

We have a list of one-time opportunities or simple projects.  We need you and the youth love seeing their role models there! 

Tip: Staffing NYLT makes for a great Wood Badge ticket goal. Ask our Adult Course Directory how.

I'd like to visit the course

Unlike summer camp, the NYLT course is a tightly scheduled series of lessons and activities that requires full patrol participation. Casual visiting is discouraged and must be coordinated with the adult course director.  

You can volunteer to be an on-course staff member for the week, or even a few days, to help out with set-up, clean-up, and guest speaker presentations. Please contact the adult course director for more info.

Staffing NYLT makes for a great Wood Badge ticket goal.

How do I order Staff Uniform parts
We're working on simplifying this process. Please check for updates by SD1.
To complete your order and payment, please do the following
  1. Complete staff uniform order form
  2. Submit order form along wiht cash or check payable to OCBSA to Staff Registrar.
Please contact the NYLT Course Administrator  if you have any questions about your order.
Category: Diets
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What food or allergy accommodations are available?

As a commissary, food served in a remote location NYLT/Lost Valley is able to accommodate gluten, nut and dairy free, kosher, vegan, and vegetarian diets.  If there are food allergies such as fish, rice or tomatoes, etc., please list them on the medical form.  We are able to make limited accommodations. Contact the Course Administrator or Quartermaster on the Contact page.

Category: Course
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We have two events, can we come late for the course?

No.  We start team building skills from the moment the Mandatory Downhill starts on an early June Saturday (see calendar).  In fairness to all participants you will need to be on-course on Day 1. We have a staff committed to the entire program and ready to build leaders. On course we have a lesson on Ethical Decision Making which includes making this kind of Right-vs-Right decision.

Category: On Course
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What is the Lost Valley graduation ceremony?

The NYLT graduation ceremony is the culmination of the NYLT course. Participants are awarded with a completion certificate, NYLT neckerchief and shoulder patch. 

Parents are invited to attend the ending NYLT course graduation ceremony.  Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. A hat, sunscreen, water and sunglasses are recommended.  Transportation to the ceremony is available for those with special needs.  

You may order a memory photo DVD for $15 (cash or check ONLY) that will be delivered at the February graduation the following year. You may also pick up your scout's Patrol Photo.


Parents are invited to attend the “Quest for the Meaning of Leadership” Patrol presentations at 2:00 p.m. and/or the closing campfire at 4:00 p.m.

Check-in is required at the Business Office at SSRLV upon arrival.

NYLT will provide escorts from the main parking lot to the NYLT assembly area and closing campfire every fifteen minutes.  Last escort is at 3:45 p.m

We have a conflict on Day 6, can we leave early?

The recognition closing ceremony is a vital part of the final demonstrated skills.  It is disruptive to the teams.  Please do not duplicate your efforts, we provide plenty of lead time (January) for effective planning.

What do I wear to closing ceremonies?

Comfortable, cool clothes, good walking shoes for dirt roads and trails. Please bring water, sunscreen, sunglasses and hats to further your enjoyment.

We need assistance getting to the ceremony?

Once you arrive at Lost Valley, there are handicap parking spaces available.  If you cannot walk to the ceremony site, we will have vehicles to give you a ride to the site.