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Would you recommend the Orange County Council NYLT Program to a friend?

Absolutely! I already did! I want to come back next year on youth staff. By coming on Youth staff I am going to be in a position to teach the leadership training I received as a participant and in doing so I am going to retain the things I learned at NYLT camp, the NYLT information even more which is a valuable lesson. Thank you for this opportunity. Grant P

I would because it was a lot of fun loosing your voice because you were screaming at other troops in spirit comp. and i am coming back in 2017 hoping to staff because i just had a blast with all of the fun activities and challenges. -- Dalton S

I would totally reccomend this course to anyone and everyone who is willing to go. This course teaches a lot, and I feel like I want to bring the entire course back to my home troop and my school as well. However, I can't. So I will just stick with bringing small chunks back, and recommending others to go.

Feedback Letters


Connor R from Troop 724, age 15, has gone from NYLT to NYLT Staff to NAYLE to NAYLE Staff! Though we moved to New England, our hearts remain with Orange County and the NYLT staff there. Thanks for making such a great impact on Connor!  How many El Camino Real and Tiburon Scouts are signing up for NYLT - let me know however I can promote and support this GREAT program!" --  Jed R - Parent

"I just wanted to send along my heartfelt thanks to you and your entire staff, youth and adult. NYLT is a phenomenal program with so much knowledge & know how, that all of you shared with the young men and women this past week. I truly appreciate all of your time and efforts. Their troops and Crews will benefit greatly." - Susan C  - Parent

"I want to thank all of you for making an exception and allowing Langdon to attend NYLT. He had a wonderful experience and has not stopped talking about it. We appreciate all you do on behalf of scouting. Have a great 4th of July!" - Steve D - Parent

"Literally for the past 2 days, all my younger brother has talked to me about was what NYLT staff positions there are, the planned surprise events on course, and what I did for the graduate challenge, which he has already started. He even cooked French Toast the next day correctly with my dad because it didn't go too well on course. NYLT staff, we done good job. ‪#‎inspiration‬" - David T - Staff

"So Proud of everyone involved with 2014 NYLT Course! Zack & Jenny thank you for being great Mentors to Meghan C, she learned so much being on Staff! She is ready for 2015 Course" - Christine C - Staff parent


Other Comments

1) Several comments about the 10 mile dirt road being bumpy, needing to be paved, and causing flat tires.
A) Much of the road is on national forest and state park land and not under the control of OCBSA. OCBSA does run a grader over the road at least once a year at a cost of over $10,000.  Leaders and parents are advised to check their vehicles for proper tire inflation, tire wear, gas up to full in Temecula, not overload vehicles, proper trailer loading, and keep the speed to 15 MPH on the road.  The road is not suitable for modified low chasis vehicles or long low touring coaches.

2) Kybos (pit toilets) are smelly.
A) There are 2 ways to keep your kybo clean: daily cleaning/sweeping with daily rinsing the urinal, and keeping the top toilet lid closed. Kybos are cleaned by the staff prior to camp but are maintained by the campers service patrol of the day.

3) There are spiders in the tents
A) Sometimes you encounter bugs when camping. The tent spiders are usually harvestman (aka daddy long legs) that cluster nest in the corners. While they are arachnids, they're not technically spiders. Mostly harmless to humans, they serve a vital role in nature as predators on other bugs. They're a very ancient species dating back 400 million years to the Devonian  period of dinosaurs. Just scoop them out into the bushes.

4) Irvine camp showers don't drain, too hot or too cold.
A) Its true that the showers drains tend to clog easily, due largely to the mass of sand and mud washed off campers and the ability of the septic system and leech fields to drain off the excess.  The shower temp is set by a thermostat which is difficult to get perfect. Much of Lost Valley camp maintenance is performed by a small team of dedicated volunteers via Friends of the Valley.  If you are a skilled plumber willing to donate some time to install better hot water holding tanks or a temp controller, please contact Friends of the Valley.