NYLT Unit Leader Info

Why Is NYLT Essential for your Unit

Scouting is a youth run program centered on the patrol method. This intense 6 day course will challenge your youth leaders through outdoor activities, leadership training, game play, and living, working and competing as a patrol for the duration. The course stresses two areas that will benefit your Unit:

  1. Scout craft skills and how they can be passed on to other members of the Unit and Patrol, and
  2. the skills of leadership that will make the youth leader more effective.

Participants will live the 5 week cycle of a unit participating in leadership council, unit meetings, meal planning, outing and activity planning, campfire plan and a religious observation. The highly trained staff is developed from youth who have graduated from the course themselves and are leaders in their own units. Adult Staff provide supervision, support and a safe atmosphere. Here is a Short Overview of NYLT as a PDF.

Recommending Participants

Youth, who apply, MUST be recommended by their Unit Leaders. The course also has the following requirements for Boy Scouts:

  • to be at least 13 years of age by start of course
  • attained rank of First Class
  • have attended a week long resident camp
  • complete Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST)
  • Signature of their Scoutmaster

For Varsity, Sea Scouts, and Venturing:

  • to be 14 years of age by start of course
  • completed Crew Officer Orientation, the Venturing Leadership Skills Course (VLSC), or Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) or Ships (ILSS)
  • Signature of their unit leader Get the Participant Application Form on the Forms page.

Need help planning and running a unit ILST, ILSC or ILSS? Contact our knowledgeable and experienced NYLT staff.

After the Course

Participants return to their home units with a list of activities they covered in the course to think about, do, and teach in their home units over the next 6 months. Many of our participants also volunteer to be on staff in subsequent years. The activities in the log book re-enforce the experiences from the week of training and enrich your boy led program in the home troop. Unit Leaders should be familiar with the list of activities and support the youth in completing their NYLT Challenge log books. Here are the NYLT Challenge Requirements you can use as a reference to enable your NYLT trained youth to implement a better unit program. Please also consider sending your unit leaders to the next Wood Badge training.

Need More Convincing?

Here is some particularly sage insight from a group of youth delivered in their final presentation on the Quest for the Meaning of Leadership:

Where would we stand but for the leaders of the past? Any man can stand on a discovered land and call it his, but only a leader can make the land prosper. 

A leader with faithful followers will take them to great victories, but without a leader the group will be overrun as they squabble among themselves.

Leadership is the value that is above all others. Not other value can stand without leadership. Moreover, it is not any man that can bring leadership to a group. It must be one who is willing to stand and say, I Have A Vision. -- Rabbit Patrol, 2007 Trailblazers/NYLT