1960's - Green Bar Junior Leader Training (JLT)

The BSA Training program in the early days was known as Greenbar named after William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt. Mr Hillcourt provided many of the training program resources from as early as the 1920's. Green Bar refers to the bars on the leadership position patches still evident today. The Green Bar leadership program focused mostly on scoutcraft skills and the patrol method. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Hillcourt  The Orange Empire Council existed prior to 1972 in Orange County, CA.  This one day camp was held locally among eucalyptus groves in a little primitive camp called Camp Myford on Irvine Company land in Tustin.

Early 1970's - Polaris

In the early 1970's (1972-1975?), Orange County Council (and the former Orange Empire Council) implemented an experimental youth leadership training via a program series called Polaris (One Star, Two Star, Three Star). There was also a 4th year for staff training. Polaris One Star was district level training, typically an over-nighter at a nearby location such as the old Camp Myford in Tustin or Las Flores on Camp Pendleton and ideal for assistant patrol leaders, Polaris two star for patrol leaders, and three star for troop level leaders were week long camps held at Lost Valley. The round patch with the key indicated training staff.

Polaris Song

Oh I'm a hayseed
My hair is seaweed
and my ears are made of leather
and they flop in windy weather
Gosh oh hemlock
I'm tough as a pine knot
For I'm a member of Polaris Two-star.
Polaris Two-Star (Shouted as loud as possible)



Mid 1970's to 1990's - Troop Leader Development

National Council was evaluating the White Stag program in the early 1970's and began a staged deployment. Orange County Council picked up the program in about 1976 and ran this program for the next 25 years as Troop Leader Development. Some key concepts in the program were Guided Discovery and counselors were known as Managers of Learning. Answers and direction were not given directly, but participants were guided to discover their own answers. http://whitestag.org/

Mid 1990's to 2003 - Trailblazers

Trailblazers was originally adapted from the Buckskin program of the LA Area council in the mid 1990's as an updated leadership program. Trailblazers in Orange County was originally adopted and started as a troop leadership program by Troop 787.

Orange County Council strong program and traditions and successful implementation were influential in the development of the next national program: National Youth Leadership Training.


2003 - Present - National Youth Leadership Training

For many years, Troop Leader Development (TLD) was an important part of the leadership training continuum of BSA local councils throughout America. In 2003 and 2004, a task force of leadership experts and hundreds of Scouts in pilot courses across the nation reviewed and tested every aspect of the new NYLT syllabus, which incorporates the latest leadership ideas and presents fresh, vital and meaningful training for today's Scouts.

In 2003, the new National Council NYLT program replaced the original Buckskin styled program of Trailblazers. Over the next several years, the role of the Trailblazer brand was reduced and finally retired in 2011. In 2011 the Orange County program expanded from 96 to 120 participants, included coed venturing participants and staff, and utilized the updated NYLT syllabus. The local Trailblazer course brand was retired but lives on as a set of challenge requirements for participants to utilize in their home units.

Built on the legacy of past Troop Leader Development successes, the new NYLT integrates the best of modern leadership theory with the traditional strengths of the Scouting experience. Through activities, presentations, challenges, discussions, and audio-visual support, NYLT participants will be engaged in a unified approach to leadership that will give them the skill and confidence to lead well. Through a wide range of activities, games, and adventures, participants will work and play together as they put into action the best Scouting has to offer. Read more on NYLT history on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Youth_Leadership_Training

2007 - Course capacity 4 troops - 96 participants

2011 - Course capacity expands to 5 troops - 120 youth participants

2016 - Course capacity expands to 6 troops - 144 youth participants

Due to the size of the course (actually 5 or 6 courses run concurrently), OCBSA has 2 senior youth positions above the Senior Patrol Leader of the Youth Course Director and their chosen assistant The Hatchet held by youth who have typically participated and staffed for 5 or 6 years. On the last day of the course at the staff after course pizza party, the current Hatchet ascends to the YCD role and reveals their choice for the next year's Hatchet. While most of the activities run at the patrol and troop levels, some activities bring the course together for announcements, some assemblies, some course level presentations, the overnighter, and graduation.  The Youth Course Director and Hatchet plan and run all of the staff developments and manage the overall quality of the courses.  Put into adult terms, these youth are running a large department or a small company of 160 people for a week plus all of the meetings and staff development with a $300,000 budget (assuming staff were paid by the hour). The youth very much own this course, its planning, delivery and quality with adults coaching, mentoring, and providing logistical and financial support, and overall health and safety.

OCBSA Youth Course Director 

OCBSA Adult Course Director

1999 Blair Wallace* Troop 787
2000 Robert Bisson* Troop 787
2001 Jon Teunissen* Troop 787
2002 Henry Hsu* Troop 787
2003 Rick Ferguson* Troop 787
2004 Wesley Graveson* Troop 661
2005 Alex Teunissen* Troop 787
2006 Gabriel Rudner Troop 787
1999 Jeff Wallace Troop 787
2000 Larry Nielson Troop 787
2001 Larry Nielson Troop 787
2002 Gary Disney & Darryl Froman Troop 787
2003 Gary Disney Troop 787
2004 Mark Guttenplan Troop 93
2005 Mark Guttenplan Troop 93
2006 Rusty Carter Troop 1042
-- Trailblazers transitions to NYLT --
2007 Leandro Yuan* Troop 787
2008 Erik Barr* Troop 787
2009 Fernando Yuan* Troop 787
2010 Matthew Buggert Troop 787
2011 Max Krochman Troop 106
2012 Michael Tobia Troop 818
2013 Andrew Scholte Troop 787
2014 Zack McDermott Troop 106
2015 Jenny Jones Crew 339
2016 Noah Zedek Troop 531
2017 Don Isbell Troop 241
2018 Matthew Paprowski Troop 723
-- Trailblazers transitions to NYLT --
2007 Rusty Carter Troop 1042
2008 Allen Barr Troop 787
2009 Allen Barr Troop 787
2010 Allen Barr Troop 787
2011 Jerry Buggert Troop 787
2012 Robert Batman Troop 319
2013 Robert Batman Troop 319
2014 Jerry Clark Crew 412
2015 Jerry Clark Crew 412
2016 Khanh Do Crew 1910
2017 Valerie Venegas Troop 531
2018 Arnold Kim Amimi Chapter