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2019 NYLT Course Registration

is now Open!!

Please request a participant package by emailing




Information regarding the

2018 NYLT Post Course Challenge Celebration

will take place in April. The 2018 participants will be notified as soon as a date is established!

Where: Orange County council Office (off Dyer)


This Is NYLT

To register for NYLT please visit the Course Registration page.

How do I get a DVD?

The suggested donation for a DVD is $15.00; prepaid cash is preferred before or after the course.  You may also pay at the NYLT Challenge Celebration ceremony the following February.

The content of the course DVD varies from year to year. Generally it contains up to 4.5 GB with over 1000 photos taken throughout the week by our youth and adult staff photographers, and may include video clips. Due to the size of the photo and video content, an online download is not available.

After the Course

What is the Graduate Challenge

Congratulations on finishing the NYLT week of training.  The Graduate Challenge is an opportunity for you to bring what you've learned back to your unit and put it into practice by completing a series of tasks specifically dsigned for you to implement the NYLT course content. Complete this challenge by Dec 31 and be recognized at the Challenge Reunion in February. Completing the challenge also prepares you to be a part of NYLT staff.  Participants that complete the challenge are recognized with a certificate and a collectable NYLT coin.


After the Course

NYLT Course Feedback Survey

NYLT Marketing Kit


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