Adult Volunteer Staffing

NYLT is an all volunteer youth and adult staff. As you can imaging there are many jobs and tasks needing adult support to make this all possible for the youth.

On course support:

  • Adult Course Director 
  • Assistant Adult Course Director 
  • Course Volunteer Medic
  • On course Quartermaster 
  • Program Area Quartermaster
  • Scoutmasters (6) 
  • Assistant Scoutmasters(6)
  • On course administrator 
  • Adult photographer
  • Maintenance and repairs 

Downhill support:

  • Administrator Registrar
  • Administrator Uniform Orders 
  • Webmaster
  • Donations coodinator
  • SD0 Quartermaster 
  • SD1 Quartermaster 
  • SD2 Quartermaster 
  • SD3 Quartermaster 
  • Day 2 Assistant Quartermasters

Job descriptions

SD Quartermasters

These quartermasters support the Staff Development weekends by planning, shopping and providing meals for the 60 youth and adult staff.  We have the help of our legendary Quartermaster Mari Wei to help with meal planning. You can help on one weekend or all of them as you are able.

Day 2 Assistant Quartermaster

On Day 2 (Monday) the staff travels back to Temecula for a special grocery and supplies run to augment what is available in camp.  To make quick work of this, we split into 2 or 3 teams and head into Ralphs, Walmart and other shops for a quick shopping spree. Meet the course staff in Temecula.

Course Medic

Having an on-course medic is essential to keep our youth and adults healthy on course. The medic is responsible for collecting and reviewing all medical forms, collecting and dispensing prescription medications to youth staff, ensuring eveyone stays properly hydrated, and tends to minor cuts, scrapes and bites, and works closely with the camp EMT for larger injuries. The medic should be a suitably trained as an RN, PA, EMT or other professional caregiver.

On Course Quartermaster

We won't lie - this position is probably the most challenging next to course director, but you're also the camp rock-star. Managing a meals budget of over $15,000 to feed 120 teenage participants, 50 youth staff and 20 adults is no easy job. You'll have the help of a youth quartermaster corps to do the heavy lifting. The main skills of this job entail planning the meals and working with the camp kitchen to supply what is needed, taking into account a variety of food restrictions. Every meal, the 20 food boxes need to be prepared with refrigerated and dry goods ready for distribution at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For Day 2 you plan a special shopping trip to Temecula to augment camp supplies.  You'll have 2 youth quartermasters to help with this area. We'll be working on a day-by-day guide book to support this role in the future.

On Course Programs Area

This is a nice introductory position where you get to meet all of the youth. As part of the Quartermaster Corps, this is a resource center which is a combination of Michaels, Home Depot and Bed,Bath and Beyond.  You'll have a section for arts and crafts used for patrol flags and spirit items, a patrol box resupply with spare pots, pans, aluminum foil, soap, etc, and a hardware section which stocks spare parts for the stoves, the lodge poles for gateways, and rope - lots and lots of rope.  Judges the patrol flag competition. You'll have two youth quartermasters to help with this area. We've also developed a day-by-day guide to success for this job. 


We've broken up the role of administrators into 5 roles as it was too much for one person.

  • Registrar: Coordinates the staff and participant registration process for 170 people.  This process was overhauled in 2014 to simplify and streamline the process with all payments being made through Camp-Master.
  • Donations: Coordinates donations and fundraisers including patrol photo and photo DVD sales, donations for programs area. See the Donation Request form in the Registration Packet.
  • Uniform Orders: Coordinates collecting orders at SD2, ordering supplies from the manufacturers, and distributing product at SD3.  We've automated the payment system this year to make it easier.
  • Webmaster: Maintains this web site. Based on the Drupal CMS, the site was largely overhauled in 2014 and should be easy to maintain for someone with moderate web skills. We're working on a site maintenance manual as a guide for this one.
  • On course Administrator: Assists and supports the adult and youth course directors during the week with administrative tasks including the meal scheduling, special information and printing requirements, monitors course emails and communications, etc. Mentors youth Scribe for newsletter.

Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters

Primarily responsible for arm's length supervision of their troop's health and safety.  Works with the youth SPL and ASPL to run troop and PLC meetings, deliver course presentations. Full responsibilites are defined in the course syllabus.

Adult Photographer

Takes photos and video of the NYLT activities, patrol group photos, etc. Mentors the youth Historian.

Maintenance and Repairs

Tends to repairs on patrol boxes, camp stoves, presentation equipment, etc as required. May also help with general 'Friends of the Valley'  Lost Valley camp repairs such as water and plumbing, mechanical repairs, paint, tile, electrical, etc. This can be an all-week job or just the weekend as you are available.  We'll be working on an inventory of equipment and typical repair parts that may be needed.

Course Director and Assistant Course Director

These key roles are responsible for the overall health and safety of the course, and to faithfully delivery the course curicculum as defined in the syllabus.  Works with the youth course director and hatchet to develop the youth staff, helps lead the staff development weekends, recruits volunteers to fill all of the course support roles above. Generally the assistant course director for up to 2 years becomes the course director for up to 2 years.