How do I order Staff Uniform parts

We're working on simplifying this process. Please check for updates by SD1.
First visit the Staff Uniform Order page at
Save or print (2 copies of) the resulting PDF order detail file.
Camp-master does not provide an order detail at the moment.
To complete your order and payment, please do the following
  1. visit the NYLT Staff Uniform payment center at: 
    or search for: 2016 NYLT Uniform Payment
  2. Save and print the proof of payment receipt and turn in by SD2 to Mrs. Zedek.
    The email receipt will be 
    From: Tracy Au <>
    Subject: Orange County Council Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation
Please contact the NYLT Course Administrator  if you have any questions about your order.
You can view your order by logging into the NYLT web site with your email address. Please use password recovery to get a password to log in the first time. On your My Account page should be a tab with Orders.