About NYLT

The NYLT course simulates a month in the life of a unit. It is a six-day course, usually held at Lost Valley. It reinforces and expands upon Be-Know-Do leadership. As a leader you will utilize the Teaching EDGE(TM) for the Scouts to learn a number of leadership skills and concepts. The youth will learn about the stages of team development and how to match the most appropriate leadership style with the developmental stage of the individual or team. The course has many challenges for the candidates, including its culmination where they undergo a quest for the meaning of leadership, which they then present to the entire NYLT troop.

The course is primarily lead and taught by our youth staff members. Participants can expect to learn the following key leadership skills:

Teaching EDGE(TM)—Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable

The Teaching EDGE(TM) tool is a simple four-step process used for teaching any skill.

  • Explain—The trainer explains how something is done.
  • Demonstrate—The trainer demonstrates while explaining again.
  • Guide—The learners try the skill while the trainer guides them through it.
  • Enable—The learners work on their own under the eye of the trainer.

Consistent Leadership Modeling

The NYLT staff are wonderful role models who continuously set the example using the NYLT skills for the participants. They work hard to ensure that they use effective communication skills, model EDGE(TM) throughout the course, share their own visions with the troop, and demonstrate servant leadership throughout the week. They create a rich learning environment that focuses on the Scouts so that each participant comes away from the course with a full learning experience.

Use of the Scout Oath and Law, Fun and Traditions

The course is always centered on the Scout Oath and Law and all of the values of the Scouting program. This course is a blast! The youth are constantly busy with so many fun activities that they are always doing something new and exciting. The best part is that they are learning all of the leadership skills while having a great time. Traditions of past Junior Leader Training courses make up the new NYLT course which maintains the spirit and continuity.

What will the Scouts learn?

The Scouts come away from their NYLT experience with exposure to the best of the best of leadership techniques. They learned so many invaluable skills about how to create a vision of success, how to set goals and make plans, how to listen and solve problems, and how to teach and lead. Most of all, they learn the bigger picture of how to put the needs of others first in order to be a truly great leader. They learn to use the Scout Oath and Law to make hard decisions and to remain true to Scouting's values.

To support their Unit's program in a Troop Setting?

The applications to a home unit are immediate and obvious. The Scout comes home from NYLT with a new toolbox of skills at their disposal.

They lived the patrol method and spent the week thinking about their own quest for the meaning of leadership. Trained Scouts provide great value to the unit with their ability to coach and mentor the other Scouts using the Leading and Teaching EDGE(TM). In addition, while at NYLT the Scout made a commitment to take on a challenge to better their home unit. They need to share their challenge with the unit's leaders upon their return from training and enlist their aid in evaluating their effort.

Skills they use this at home, school, or church?

All of these skills are applicable to every part of a Scout's life. They will follow them to adulthood, enabling them to be the most effective leader-and follower-in any setting.

Help a Scout become the best leader they can be!

The NYLT courses require a large team effort and conducting a National Youth Leadership Training course takes a great deal of planning, plenty of inspiration, and the enthusiastic participation of many dedicated people. The rewards for participants, staff, and the Scouting movement are tremendous.