Staffing NYLT

As a staff member your goal will be to successfully give the NYLT six-day course where the Scouts live and work in an outdoor setting as part of a patrol within the NYLT troop.

Participants experience the simulation of a month in the life of a troop, complete with patrol leaders' council meetings and planning for the big monthly outing (the outpost overnight trip at the end of the course). They use the patrol method throughout the course and rotate leadership positions so that each participant can experience different roles. There is an immediate application of learning in a variety of structured and fun events. You will inspire each patrol with the challenge to create a shared vision of success. The participants use this shared vision throughout the course to help achieve all they can as a patrol. Each patrol works on the quest for the meaning of leadership and, at the end of the course, presents their understanding of this and other concepts they have learned throughout the week as a skit, song, or something they build—the possibilities are endless.

Joining the Staff

Staffing is by invitation of the course director.

Please visit the Staff Calendar page for all the important dates and forms you'll need to apply.

Why Staff? 

Top 10 reasons to staff:

  • You had a great time on the course as a participant
  • You made some great friends and you want to hang with them again
  • You want to show your stuff
  • You want to see the course again from another perspective
  • You want to hone your EDGE skills
  • You want to help grow the next generation of youth leaders
  • You are good at it
  • You want the awesome staff patch and prestige in your troop
  • You can make a better dutch oven breakfast
  • You want to look cool in a staff jacket and hat.

Benefits to your Troop

By attending and staffing the course, you'll have seen this leadership material 2 or 3 times.

You'll know how to lead your troop to excellence and encourage your troop members to attend the course.

You'll be in an excellent position to be an adviser to the SPL, perhaps even a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster.