Staff Registration

Staff Registration Process

This page will help guide you though a successful staff registration.  If you are a participant, please visit the Register page.

  1. Participate in Staff Interviews
  2. Complete Staff Registration forms (Coming Soon)
    1. Download OCBSA NYLT Staff Registration Packet
    2. Attach passport-size photo (copy student ID/Driver's License photo)
    3. Complete Venturing YPT training and get certificate
    4. BSA National ABC medical form
  3. Due by SD0:
    1. National Medical Form (Parts A+B now, C by Downhill)
    2. Staff Application
    3. Code of Conduct
    4. Additional medical permission forms
    5. Youth Protection (Adults) and Venturing Youth Protection certificate (All staff)
  4. Bring complete registration packet in person or send by postal mail to the course registrar  (Contact - Registrar)
  5. Due by SD1:

    1. Pay staff course fee ($175) by cash or check payable to OCBSA  
    2. Submit completed staff uniform order form (if necessary) with separate uniform payment 
    3. Bring both payments to SD1 and give to the Course Registrar.

Registration Forms:

·       All forms are on the website.  Please fill in the forms completely and don't forget required signatures. Illegible or incomplete forms will be returned.

·       Fill in the immunization dates on the form. DO NOT attach immunizations charts and copies.

·       All staff registration payments are made by cash or check by SD1. 

Important Staff Registration Information:

Medical Form C is the annual physical required by National. This is due as soon as possible, no later than SD3.