Staff Uniform

The Staff Uniform for the Orange County Council consists of the following:

  • Full field uniform for your troop, crew, team or ship.  Uniform should include official BSA shirt, pants, socks, belt (if required).
  • Staff wears Scout shorts (medical exceptions allowed) of modest length and fit for comfort in the heat of Lost Valley summers.
  • Insiginia: NYLT Trained patch on the left sleeve as well as an NYLT CSP shoulder patch
  • OCC NYLT logo light gray t-shirts for activities
  • OCC NYLT logo staff green jacket
  • OCC NYLT logo cap or expedition hat (youth executive staff)
  • OCC NYLT black name badge
  • OCC NYLT black neckerchief and
  • red, white, and blue staff woggle
  • NYLT compass card and lanyard
  • Rope belt
  • water bottle
  • song book
  • stave
  • Optional: shady straw hat or other head gear for activities