When and Where

NYLT is held at Schope Scout Reservation at Lost Valley usually in the last week of June. Please see the NYLT Calendar page for details. Check-in is done at the Ralphs parking lot in Temecula near Temecula Parkway (79) and Butterfield Stage Rd. This is a last chance to pick up any missing items. There are shops for sporting goods/camping gear, a Walmart, and a CVS pharmacy nearby. Ralph’s Grocery in Temecula 33145 Temecula Parkway (aka Highway 79) (cross streets are Butterfield & Temecula Parkway) Temecula, CA 92592 951.303.3102  Map to Location

Parents are responsible for driving participants into Lost Valley. Participant carpooling is encouraged. Please share contact info with other participants you meet at the downhill meeting. Our NYLT staff is not able to help with facilitating carpooling. At the end of the week, parents pick up participants from camp and are invited to the presentations and course graduation.

Emergency Contact and/or Mailing Address for Letters to Scout

Mail is delivered at morning and afternoon flag assemblies during mail-call. If mailing, please mail early to allow a week for it to reach camp.  Mail may also be handed to the staff during check-in. You can mark mail for delivery on a certain day Day 1, 2 3, etc).

Scout Name – NYLT c/o Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley
31422 Chihuahua Valley Road
Warner Springs, CA 92086 

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Form mail Contact Lost Valley or email to ssrlv@ssrlv.org