Please note,  please check your calendar (staff or participant) for what you need to know to be prepared .

We do not send out reminders – please mark your calendar/phone etc and always check the website for updates.  Be prepared.  Thanks.  


Do I have to go to the Mandatory Downhill meeting.

Yes, it is mandatory.  Please see the Participant Calendar page for information on the date, time and location.

Your youth have a chance to meet the youth staff and other participants as they cover some essential skills and information such as how to safely operate the camp cooking equipment, NYLT pot and dish washing so everyone stays healthy, Code of Conduct, pack equipment check and more.  

The parents attend a general information session while Scout/Venturer go off to start the process.  Acceptance includes being prepared for the remoteness of Lost Valley and the activities that occur.  Parents will have the opportunity to meet the adult leaders, ask questions and understand how to help their youth and unit after the course. Please have a look through all of the FAQ pages (frequently asked questions) on this site.

One parent, guardian, or the Scoutmaster must attend for minors.

The NYLT staff will be selling hiking staves, and taking pre-orders for the patrol camp photo and photo DVD.  Please bring material donations to the Temecula Check-In.