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Congratulations to out 143 participants who successfully completed the Orange County Council NYLT 2016 Course at the Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley. Now is the time to bring what you learned back to your home units via the NYLT Graduate Challenge.

Look for the 2016 course newletter PDFs and other reseources under our Post Course menu tab.

Congratulations to the 143 participants to completed the 2016 NYLT course held at Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley. We'd like to know what you think about it. Please take a few minutes to complete our easy survey.




This Is NYLT

To register for NYLT please visit the Course Registration page.

Participant Forms

For most of these fillable PDF forms you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please download and save the PDF to your desktop in order to use the fill-in feature and save the form.

A complete NYLT registration packet contains the following forms:

  1. Participant Registration Packet consisting of:
    1. Participant Application Form with paid receipt attached from Camp Master
    2. Code of Conduct. Print and sign and if youth is under 18, parent must print and sign too.
    3. Medication Forms (Request for medication and Permission to Carry)
    4. Donation Request Form
  2. Annual Health and Medical Record (PDF) Parts A,B,C only.
    NOTE:  Complete immunizations record on Medical form B with current immunizations. 
    ​No attachments please.
    Do attach a  front and back copy of the insurance card.
    See special deadline about Part C
  3. YPT and VYPT if youth is over 18, bring copies of certificate.
    Access this from the training pages at https://my.scouting.org 
    Here is a quick roadmap how to get to the YPT/VYPT certificate download function:

Postal mail (no email) the complete packet to the NYLT Administrator. Incomplete packets will be returned.

NYLT Marketing Kit


Promote NYLT on your unit or district web site with these banners. Copy and paste the following HTML code:

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